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Virginity as an important common aspect between people can lead to close friendships, or can even serve as a mutual precious gift of marriage." The founders of the website, Lety and Jose Colin, explain that they were virgins until they were wed."Our site is designed specifically for singles who share the value of premarital sexual abstinence," said Jose Colin, according to PR Newswire.With online dating you take all of that out of the equation as the only people that will contact you are the people who are actually interested.

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Here’s the thing: everybody knows exactly what it means when a guy sends one of these."We offer a comfortable place where abstinence is nothing to be ashamed of and can be discussed safely and with freedom." The Colins write in the "About Us" section of the site, "Our appreciation for each other's virginity and for each other as a whole lead us into a materialized life commitment.' The website also has a gift shop offering cards, gift certificates, and wristbands, among other items.Columbus Singles If you live in Columbus and are single, there is hope for you!There are no shortage of niche dating sites, offering to serve everyone from women "in their prime" seeking younger men to ladies hunting for wealthy men to married couples interested in extramarital affairs.A new online dating website, You and Me Are Pure, has launched to help virgin singles meet other virgins online.But then one cold night in November, I met a Match date in a bar in Greenwich Village.I had a date for the next Saturday night for seven years.ME has connected singles locally and internationally.With more than five-thousand new members joining weekly, the chances of you finding your match on YOUAND.Here are a few tips to help you find the Columbus singles with ease so that you can find the people that you want to be with in a relationship.Obviously the internet is a great way to meet singles all over the nation, but you can also use it to help you find singles in Columbus.