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My baby was sunny side up which caused some difficulties especially during transition.I had to be very active during labor and the midwife had me changing positions very often in an attempt to get the baby to turn.

I start the class with a gentle warm-up, trying not to feel self-conscious. Dressed in a bright orange outfit, complete with trendy stubble, he is welcoming and super-friendly. The stretching and balancing moves are challenging but still easy enough for a novice like me to try without feeling silly.

Here’s the rules: We start with a group of 30 people, 15 men and 15 women (except for our GLBT friends, or course).

Choose a partner, have a mini-date of mingling, then learn a partner yoga pose. Then kick back for some food, drink and conversation at our signature mingling hour to get to know everyone more.

You can come as often as you like, and to any of our conveniently scheduled classes. Our groups are small to ensure lots of personal attention and a more intimate setting.

"I just wanted to write and tell you how thankful I was that I went to prenatal Pilate's and yoga on a regular basis during my pregnancy.