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The good news is that many newer adult webcam sites now feature full support for HTML5 video feeds that work very well with both IOS and Android devices.desired capabilities = Capabilities [], required capabilities = Capabilities [] Is it associated with capabilities in script?Any comments are highly appreciated Just try to install app with ios-deploy with this command - ios-deploy --debug --id 9d1201e667ef158492298d50cbb17248bd5002ce --bundle "app name" In console I have: [100%] Installed package "app name" Starting debug of i Phone 6s Plus 'i Phone (Appstore)' (9d1201e667ef158492298d50cbb17248bd5002ce) connected through USB...[ 0%] Looking up developer disk image[ 95%] Developer disk image mounted successfully2017-01-26 .269 ios-deploy[31435] [ !!The site features an extensive listing of amateur women who perform webcam sex in their spare time.The site was one of the very first to introcuce HTML5 based webcam sex to the i Pad, i Phone and Android platforms.[XCUITest] Error checking install status: Command 'ios-deploy --exists --id fe063b2d1eff6064975f9ff7c90a2f590c98198c --bundle_id drawingdesklitetest1234' exited with code 255 4.[debug] [MJSONWP] Bad parameters: Bad Parameters Error: Parameters were incorrect.When I use the explicit bundle-identifier com.ipad I get an error " An App ID with Identifier 'com.ipad' is not available.Please enter a different string.” Any Idea what is the problem? Your app has some specific entitlements turned on, so you cannot use the wild card profile.We all love our i Pads, i Phones and Android devices.Unfortunately, those same devices tend to be somewhat fussy when it comes to enjoying interactive adult content.