Wordpress feed not validating

Consider these potential reasons why that might be, and some solutions: With picky eaters, it’s especially important to feed a “super premium” brand of dog food.

These foods cost more, but they’re made with better ingredients and are nutritionally dense.

And there was a tyranny behind keeping track of unread items and showing an unread count. I like seeing these counts on feeds where I need to read all items that are posted, but that's only a small percentage of the 100-120 feeds I follow.

Mail Chimp offers two ways to share blog and website content in your campaigns using RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

RSS Campaigns can be set up to go out daily, weekly, or monthly, and automatically populate your campaign layout with the last batch of items from your RSS feed.

Oddly, you explanation makes less sense than your initial question, as there is no such thing as "Kindle publishing for blogs." Go to Author Central. Click "add blog" Paste the "blog feed address" into the field specifying your RSS feed (examples are provided) If it does not work, they are incompatible or, more likely, you are not pasting in the correct information. Do you mean that you want to publish your blog through KDP and earn royalties for it, having it show up the blog section on Kindle devices?

If so, this feature may have been discontinued (at least for indie authors).

Wordpress feed not validating