Who is toya carter dating

Some people call me "lil Miss Toya" because they say we look alike well I'm looking foward to meeting you and have an awesome life raising Little toya my name is shequila me and my mom watch your show everyday.

I think that you are a strong and independent woman.

because TMZ has learned she's separated from music producer hubby Memphitz ... According to our sources, Wright (who has a kid with former husband Lil Wayne) and Memphitz have been having big problems ... As for rumors Memphitz knocked another woman up, not so ...

Memphitz recently moved to LA, leaving her behind in ATL. but we're told Memphitz will let Toya file the papers.

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Although officials have yet to confirm the identities of the men, Wright’s family members confirmed that the victims were her two brothers, according to local news outlet I understand sleepless nights, but the best thing is the sun comes up in the morning.

Reality star Toya Wright’s two brothers, Rudy and Josh Johnson, were shot and killed in New Orleans on Sunday, July 31, according to reports.

New Orleans police discovered two young men who had been shot multiple times inside a car in the city’s 7th Ward shortly after midnight on Sunday morning.

More than half of them state “Happy Valentines Day Toya” and rest promote her businesses.

Right now Toya is seperated from her legal husband Memphitz, but peep how she mentions Lil Wayne after she is asked about who she’s dating.