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It all added up to the difference between Gabriel and his agents: While it was hard for him to leave, it’s much harder for them.He was alone, responsible only to his work; they’re together and responsible to each other, » - Ben Travers, Liz Shannon Miller and Steve Greene [Editor’s note: The following contains light spoilers for each of the shows described.]“The Americans” – Season 5, Episode 7, “The Committee on Human Rights” Directed by: Matthew Rhys Written by: Hilary Bettis Starting with an introduction and ending with a goodbye, “The Committee on Human Rights” was framed by Gabriel’s impending departure.

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Paul Newman was dull, and Graduate star Anne Bancroft was so vain she fell in love with her own reflection.Frank Langella was so moved by the mass shootings in Orlando that he tore up the speech he planned to deliver at Sunday’s Tony Awards so he could pay tribute to the 50 people who had been gunned down in a Florida nightclub.“I’m now a 78-year-old man and I react to things a lot more profoundly than I did when I was 60, when I was 50 or 40,” said Langella.As for John F Kennedy — who would have thought his idea of a perfect afternoon was listening to Noel Coward telling dirty jokes and belting out Mad Dogs And Englishmen on the piano?But a 24-year-old Langella was there to see it during a Cape Cod lunch party.Over the past decade, Hollywood nostalgia for famous properties from the 1980s has given us (among other things) a seemingly endless live-action Transformers franchise, a trio of Smurfs movies, a couple of big-screen G. In the thirty years since shirtless Dolph Lundgren battled skull-faced Frank Langella in... But one guy who can't seem to get a break is He-Man.Read More » - Dave Davis Warning: The follow article contains spoilers of ' Ihop,' episode 9 of The Americans' fifth season. This week's episode of The Americans welcomed back a familiar face.Fan-favorite Martha, played by Alison Wright, returned to the FX spy drama after being absent for nearly an entire season. After a brief glimpse in a supermarket earlier this season, this week’s episode “Ihop” filled in many of the blanks with a six-minute sequence in which Martha (so exceptionally played by Alison Wright) gets an unexpected visit from the newly relocated Gabriel (Frank Langella).“There’s no greater group of people in a room who will band together and do everything possible…theater people are really the most generous people in the world,” said Langella.