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An ex-student of the KABK in 2006, he currently is a part time instructor of design and typography at Notre Dame University, Louaize, Lebanon, as well as a part time instructor of typography at the American University of Beirut (AUB), both since 2007. Speaker at ATyp I 2010 in Dublin on the topic of political resistance and expression through graffiti in Lebanon and Palestine. He has embarked on a project with Martin Majoor to design some Arabic fonts that fit Majoor's designs.Numerical Modeling of the Deformation and Displacement of Salt Bodies with Embedded Carbonate or Anhydrite Stringers, Shiyuan Li, Janos L. Quantitative Microporosity Evaluation Using Mercury Injection and Digital Image Analysis in Tight Carbonate Rocks: A Case Study From the Ordovician in the Tazhong Palaeouplift, Tarim Basin, NW China, Jianhua He, #42079 (2017). Record and Constraints of the Eastward Advance of the Caribbean Plate in Northern South America, J. 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