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It is very annoying to show validation alerts for each text field, so if you have so many text-fields in a form and each text field have average of 2 validations then user may get frustrated to get so much alert during filling the form.

To overcome this problem I have created an inherited class of “UIText Field” called “Text Field Validator” in which you just need to give them all the regex string that you want to validate in a particular textfield, no matter how many types of validation you want to perform you just need to give them in sequence.

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Always get Apple software updates from one of these sources, and always check these sources to make sure that you have the latest software version.It’s not a step-by-step process either, some of these things have to be done simultaneously.Here is what’s covered: It is essential to establish your personal online presence, independent of your app.Each app is different, and so should the marketing strategy.But it’s a good starting point and gives you options that you can experiment with.And so, with that introduction, I hope you enjoy this episode of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast with Carl Richards. So, when you talk about like, a one-page financial plan for someone, what does that mean? And, one of her friends says, “What does your dad do for work? So, listen, I understand where that concern…you know, obviously you’re not the first person to say that about sort of maybe the concern around the value proposition of most advisors.Michael: Welcome, Carl Richards, to the Financial Advisor Success Podcast. ” or something along those lines like, “What is your dad always in that office working on? My daughter said, “He’s writing a book.” And, her friend said, “Oh, what’s it called? I understand, and I want everybody to understand, your audience to understand like I understand it, I feel it, I know what you mean, but I totally, completely disagree. In terms of it affecting its value, I think, at least my experience with the consumer world is that it did the opposite.Be certain to listen to the end as well, where Carl talks about how he sees the future of financial planning as one where technical competency is just the minimum table stakes to be a financial advisor and why communication skills will be the key to success, going forward. So, I actually want to start by talking a little bit about the book you did last year which was called “The One-Page Financial Plan.” And, I know it was written primarily for consumers, but there were a lot of advisors that read it as well, and I did hear shock from a couple of advisors, frankly I think probably a few that didn’t read the book in full but were just reacting to the title, like, “You’re calling it ‘One-Page Financial Plan.'” And a lot of us said, “Carl’s one of us. My daughter, who was probably nine at the time of the story when I was working on this book, and the way these books work for me…because I’m about to dive into the next book, and the way they work for me is it’s like fruit…like, I don’t want to write them, and it’s like fruit on a tree.He even provides a great tip about what any of you as financial advisors can do to get better at this ourselves. Doesn’t he know like, it takes a lot of analysis to do a good plan? You’re undermining our value proposition as financial advisors.”Curiously, I think this is a good way to kind of capture the essence of how you view financial planning. It’s the only comparison I can make, like, it’s so ripe it’s going to fall off the tree and rot if I don’t like…it’s sort of…I don’t know what the right word…a compulsion. This idea behind “The One-Page Financial Plan,” …so, they take a while. Carl: Yeah, for like…and I already know almost…I can almost feel what’s like, seven years out. My daughter who’s, I think, about nine at the time, if I’ve got my math right, I hear her talking to one of her friends.If any file has an issue, installation stops without changes to your system, and you'll see a message that the installer encountered an error.We all have experienced it’s very time taking task to handle all validations for a single text field like empty validation, characters limit etc and to manage them in a efficient way.