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It’s hard to believe, but over two years has passed since the last release of a proper update to Reason, Propellerhead’s ground–breaking virtual electronic studio.Sure, the team have been managing incremental updates to keep up with Apple’s Intel processor–equipped Macs and Bill Gates’ Vista OS, plus the odd bug or two, but there have been no new toys since early 2005.Thor sounds like no synthesizer you've ever heard before - and every single one of them.Where other synths use one specific form of synthesis and one single filter, the Thor polysonic synthesizer features six different oscillator types and four unique filters. Simply the most powerful synth ever created; an unstoppable monster of a sound generator that utilises synthesizer technology from the last 40 years.With its unique selection of oscillator types and synth filters, the Thor polysonic synthesizer is a veritable synth museum.But believe it, there's nothing dusty about this instrument; Thor may have one foot in history, but its sound is pure future. Reason 4 ships with RPG-8, a brand new unit dedicated to the art of arpeggiation.Six open filter and oscillator slots let you load up three different synth filters and three separate oscillators simultaneously, allowing you to dial in synth sounds that are completely.. At the bottom of this synth sits an analog style step sequencer with more than one twist.Propellerheads Reason v4.01 UPDATE-Ar CADE Reason 4.0.1 is a maintenance update that resolves a few minor issues and, as a response to user feedback received for Reason version 4, brings some small workflow changing alterations.

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General More tolerant error handling when loading custom fonts.

In certain situations Command-A did not work properly on Mac OS X.

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

Features that will change how you play Reason's instruments.

The 'Single Note Repeat' function engages the arpeggiator only when two or more simultaneous notes are held down - letting you add sudden bursts of arpeggio to your melody lines.