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According to the Official US Play Station blog, there's also some added Facebook integration and new methods of grief reporting.

We're still updating and will let you know what else we might unearth. We were able to test Blu-ray 3D out and got it running without too much hassle, as long as the HDMI setting is on "Auto" it will detect your 3DTV and switch to the correct mode just like it has for gaming since the update that enabled 3D functionality there.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in] What features were released with system software update version 3.50 for the Play Station®3 computer entertainment system?

Answer ID: 516 Product: PS3™ system-Install & Setup, Hardware An update to the PS3™ system software was released on September 21, 2010.

Years in the making, engineers from Sony, SCEI, IBM, and Toshiba have developed an advanced microprocessor unlike any other.

The Cell Broadband Engine has up to eight Synergistic Processor Units (SPUs) or "cores" to help balance the processor workload thus making it more powerful and more efficient than traditional "single-core" processors.

Aliens" or "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs." The other four 3D Blu-rays mentioned above were recognized and played back normally.

We wouldn't be surprised if a firmware update appeared to fix this issue, but in the meantime it might be annoying for Samsung and Panasonic 3D TV owners; both "Monsters" and "Ice Age" are exclusives, respectively, to each company for now.

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You may have to renew the AACS encryption key to play content such as movies on commercially available BD video software (BD-ROM).You can use this update to upgrade your system software to version 3.50.If your PS3™ system software version is 3.50 (or later), you do not need to perform this update.If a message indicating that the encryption key needs to be renewed is displayed, update the system software to the latest version.The encryption key will then be automatically renewed.We would be surprised, on the other hand, if the showed the same issue.We've contacted Sony for an explanation and when we receive one, we'll update this post.HDMI provides an interface between any compatible digital audio/video source, such as a set-top box, DVD player, an A/V receiver and a compatible digital audio and/or video monitor such as a digital television. Additional equipment may be required to use the HDMI connector.3 allows users to maneuver the controller as a natural extension of their bodies.With this system, sensors read when a player angles, tilts, thrusts, or pulls the controller, all in real-time and with high precision.For compatibility testing we tried six of the currently available 3D Blu-ray discs: "Monsters vs.Aliens," "Coraline," "IMAX: Under the Sea," "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs," "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," and "Monster House." All played without a hitch in 3D mode, as they have on standalone 3D players like the Further compatibility testing performed on an older, 60GB Play Station 3 "fat" (first generation, February 2007 manufacture date) reveals that the player cannot recognize or play back either "Monsters vs.