Updating database using disconnected architecture

Disconnected and separate systems bring various issues such as data inconsistency, fragmented data, data inaccuracy, and an increasing difficulty and effort within IT departments in reacting to changing business needs.

It is this increasing task of disentangling the complex data issues that makes the case to have a centralized system that can define, integrate, cleanse, manage, and finally distribute data to various systems.

The article is actually a part of the document that made the project report for my undergraduate degree.

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SQL or Structured Query Language is a programming language used by the popular database management systems (DBMSs) to store, manipulate and retrieve any data in the database.

are data encoded within either the key or the value by the application. If you own a commercial license, you can continue to download and use new releases of Berkeley DB under the terms of your commercial license.

Berkeley DB continues to be dual license, open source or commercial.