True blood who is sookie dating

Stephen Moyer spoke with Hollywood‘s sister site TVLine about the future — and conclusion — of Sookie’s romantic journey.I don’t know whether they can be [together], given everything that’s happened between them.You will also hear Anna's voice in Pixar's upcoming film, The Good Dinosaur!William Compton had a long history of unforgivable actions.

At the time Moyer said that decision was intentional.What she's doing now: Aside from frequently using twitter to interact with her fans or school her troll haters (she's awesome and badass too!), Anna reprised her role as Rogue in X-Men Days of Future Past (Rogue Cut),and is set to return to HBO in a new miniseries she's developing with Steve and Jack Black as Madame X.All I want to do is do the show and have fun doing it.” Amen, Mr.Over a year ago, one of the sexiest supernatural shows on TV, True Blood, met its untimely true death. Pa Ric made a successful new empire of New Blood from Sarah Newlin's blood, and lastly, Sarah Newlin tormented by Steve Newlin's ghost in Fangtasia's basement - which is what she deserves for being a horrible, horrible bitch. don't lie, I miss True Blood, and I'm sure you still do too.(You can imagine how much more difficult dating becomes when burdened with the ability to read your partner’s every thought — from the good to the downright nasty.) Then entered vampire Bill, played by Stephen Moyer—Paquin’s now-real life spouse.He’s a fine order of tall, pale and brooding; he also provides Sookie the silence she’s always craved—seeing as how she’s unable to read the thoughts of the undead.“I think a bunch of people would be happy if [Sookie and Bill being together] was the story and a bunch of people would be pissed off if that was the story.I don’t read that s**t, so I don’t care, ultimately.However, Anna Paquin and real-life vampire husband Stephen Moyer just celebrated their wedding anniversary on August 21st!The beautiful blue mermaid hair is a sign of Anna moving on from the series after 7 years.