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A man in a cricket sweater adjusts a transistor radio on a picnic blanket as a woman with a headband looks on and smiles, 1965.

They are beside a small body of water and have a picnic basket and two bicycles. The smartphone-enabled urban adult can order dates anonymously on Craigslist, find a soulmate algorithmically on Ok Cupid, or locate a partner geographically on Grindr.

Location-based app Meet Moi directs users to available singles whose lives already intersect with theirs“We are not an online dating service,” Meet Moi’s site states.

“We make real-life introductions.” Grouper is a Facebook app that sends sextets of singles out on lower-pressure group dates, but founder Michael Waxmanis its human concierge/yenta, Challen Hodsen.

His dating methodology uses nonverbal cues to take the guesswork and anxiety that drives people behind an online avatar out of face-to-face communication.

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In our experience, we’ve found that it is often the little things such as a shared interest or common love – like that of music – which sparks a relationship.

Love isn’t a science, it’s an emotional connection and, with over 96%** of people on match looking to find a long term relationship, there has never been a better time to start your own love story.” The Duet ad was developed at Mother London.