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: En el primer estudio, con 592 adolescentes, se realizó un análisis factorial confirmatorio con las dos sub-escalas (para sí mismo y para la pareja).El segundo estudio, con 1.938 adolescentes, comprobó si la estructura factorial encontrada discrimina entre niveles de implicación en violencia.Because age was significantly associated with all study variables, we included age in our analyses.In support of our hypothesis we found an attitude by religiosity by age interaction among youth with moderate levels of dysfunctional dating attitudes.

While he will be paid during the Leave of Absence they imposed, managers refused to tell him the source of their suspicions, the cases that might be in question, or any other details. By providing my phone number, I understand that SEIU and its locals and affiliates may use automated calling technologies and/or text message me on my cellular phone on a periodic basis. Carrier message and data rates may apply to such alerts. The potentially unlawful pension hold‐up was also exposed in a Metro news article in January. 14th to fill out and email your pension paperwork to Julie. Print & Distribute Flyer San Jose Inside/Metro Exposes 4Cs Executive Management For more than a year, our SEIU 521 Bargaining Team has demanded pension information from 4Cs that could have a direct impact on our retirement years. Come to union meeting on Thursday to get answers For more than a year, our SEIU 521 Bargaining Team has doggedly demanded pension information from 4Cs that could have a direct impact on our retirement years.Because management has been spreading false rumors – scaring parents, providers, seniors and staff about closure of the senior nutrition program, and even the whole agency – union members took personal time off to set the record straight.Local 521 wants these programs to survive and thrive.Read more about these stories (PDF) 4Cs’ attorney has informed us that 4Cs has “relinquished the center contracts”. Last week, a handful of attachés from the California Department of Education (CDE)—the nonprofit’s primary funder—walked into the 4Cs north San Jose headquarters to begin an in-depth audit. The pressure seems to have worked in Gloria’s case, thanks to SEIU Local 521 members who are not afraid to stand up and call out 4Cs’ serious dysfunction and chronic mismanagement. We continue to hold executive management accountable. After lots of dodging, the agency on Tuesday sent a memo advising employees that one retirement plan was being put “on hold” based on “legal advice.” What does this mean for you?The CDE is right now looking for other providers to take over. San Jose Inside/Metro exposes the latest dysfunctions at 4Cs with our pension plans. Share the Facebook post with your coworkers, friends and family members. SEIU Local 521’s attorney will be meeting with union members Thursday, January 12 at p.m.The final tool, which consisted of 13 items with a good internal consistency, may be useful for assessing the effectiveness of interventions to improve conflict resolution skills, as well as for screening and classification purposes.: El entrenamiento en resolución de conflictos es objeto de intervención en diferentes contextos, y el Conflict Resolution Styles Inventory ha demostrado su utilidad para evaluar dichas habilidades.Se realizaron dos estudios, uno orientado a analizar las propiedades psicométricas del instrumento, y otro a demostrar su capacidad para discriminar entre parejas de adolescentes violentas y no violentas. D., “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” are behaviors that, if they occur regularly, are very good predictors of either a failed or a terminally unhappy relationship.If you discover that any of these occur often in your relationship, you and your partner are most likely heading for trouble.: Besides verifying the adequacy of items, the results of the first study showed the same three-factor structure in both versions: a positive approach to conflicts and two non-constructive styles, engagement and withdrawal.The second study demonstrated the discriminative capacity of both scales.