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Hopewell for four years, and the two women often converse over breakfast in the Hopewell’s kitchen. Freeman’s to know everything; she is in charge of the whole household. Hopewell’s daughter, lumbers around the house and stomps into the kitchen one morning while the two women talk.

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, trumpeter Sean Jones realizes a lifelong dream of capturing his musical experience live.

There's one Stephens composition, "The Timbre of Gratitude," along with interpretations of Billy Strayhorn (where Stephens shares a beautiful baritone), Pat Metheny and others. Maybe he thunders so much from starting out as a drummer.

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Of course, he's also said he's following up his 2005 hit album with 48 albums more along the same theme and that hasn't exactly come to pass either.

artist lost to Adele for Record of the Year and Album of the Year, she was widely lauded for her performances of 'Drought' and 'Sandcastles' before accepting the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album.