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SINGAPORE: It was about four years ago when Mr John Gan* first thought about settling down after seeing his close friends getting hitched and starting their own families.

But as thoughts of leaving the singles club emerged, the 33-year-old nurse realised that a dwindling social circle stood in his way.

This is what you should know before a speed-dating session. Know thy enemy and half the battle is won and the cannot-be-bothered. I was curious about how this would work and was open to the possibilities of friendships thereafter. There will always be that one candidate that makes all the girls’ hearts go bip-a-bop, but spare a thought for the next one in line and keep to the allocated time!

“After going a few more times, I slowly got the hang of it.Having spent “little time and effort on dating in the past”, the Singaporean decided it was time to change things.Taking on a proactive approach to make new friends, Mr Gan signed up with dating agencies and also gave free dating apps a go.It can be tiring and disappointing if you don’t meet someone …but if you don’t try, you will never succeed.”Mr Gan is not alone.Armed with the tips (read here) provided by the experts behind Paktor, I straightened myself up and spoke to the man opposite me. He was not overly shy, he was a successful man and he was looking for genuine friends.It was everything I did not expect to find in a social dating event.Jumping into another relationship was definitely the lowest on the priority list; leading the life I never had while I was in a relationship was at the top.As if the planets had aligned and Cupid decided to take me on a ride, the option of speed dating opened up for me.Love Express membership fee is waived for the promotion period to 31st March 2017. Dating apps may have become an increasingly attractive platform for singles, but the idea of joining a dating agency and enlisting a professional matchmaker to help find that special someone still strikes a chord with some in Singapore.