South park dating sim kamaniki

say your mum's name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible.STOP COMMENTING ABOUT KENNY AND THE MAGAZINE LOL I know about it but I am not gonna fix it lol.This took me like a day, animating it was fun and easy to do. REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYREALLYwant to see it. and you cant get out the Anime and just want to see more more and more? I wasted like, 2 minutes trying to find his zipper on the jacket x D then I thought, "well where is it supposed to go?! " thus scaring me with the music from the animation .-. It was the editing part that took me forever XD The ending is awkward because I don't know how to end it technically lol. I like it, there was a boy version that Kanzeon (…) made. But right away I’ll bounce right back up, And aim for something lower.

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I don't think those two work well together, but it's a bit depressing to see them used as a bad end.

Butters coming out of the dressing room and the little chibi Stan responder was cool! I was confused at first when Stan woke up in the classroom, but then I realized that he'd just fallen asleep there, rather than some glitch for him in his bedroom.

READ THE AUTHOR'S DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTINGI decided to just upload this now and get it over with. Characters involved are Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Cartman, Wendy, and Bebe. Also, I promise there will be a revamp of this with new drawings/graphics in the future.

I got linked to the South Park dating sim by someone on Tumblr!

I can't find it here to leave a comment directly, so here I am. There were some basic branches that showed up, but it definitely suffered from railroading due to being a demo, and even if you decide not to lend her money or go to the mall then you've got to.