Six degrees dating

Scientists call this phenomenon "Social Contagion," and there's some debate about the interpretation of these kinds of study results.

I'm not sure if I buy into it entirely, especially since Peter and I are the only split couple in our network of married friends.

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But did you know that simply enjoying your existing interests can also benefit a cause?

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon (SDFB) is a collaborative reconstruction of the social network of early modern Britain (1500-1700).

Six Degrees was followed by more successful social networking sites based on the ".

The couple has been married for more than 23 years and have two grown children, Travis and Sosie.

During their inclusion in the recent PBS series, "Finding Your Roots", DNA analyses were perform and it turns out that there is a bit more than "Six degrees of Separation" between the Hollywood couple. I include the image above to demonstrate a powerful body language tell.

When true affection is present, there is a leaning towards one another - often of the entire body.

Sedgwick and Bacon are very often photographed displaying variations of this nonverbal.