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Communication and Administrative Intern, Madison Clark, attended the event due to her belief in this tenet, and to share this valuable information with a wider audience! Hate crimes are not common in Iowa, and are especially uncommon within the Cedar Rapids community.Knowing the scope of potential issues will simply help community members continue to protect the individual rights of everyone who call Cedar Rapids their home. According to the law enforcement panel, hate crimes go tremendously under-reported.Kaur, for women translates as princess, Sikh women do not have to take their husband’s name this gave women huge self-esteem and equality.People who are not born into Sikh families but believe in the Sikh philosophy are permitted to go to Gurdwaras, (Sikh places of worship) to practice Sikhism and perform rituals according to the Sikh way.In 2016 the Adult Basic Education Program alone had 404 students representing 49 countries from around the world.Taking opportunities like this forum to learn how to advocate and protect members of our CMC community aligns with our values– supporting inclusive communities that welcome, respect, and support a diversity of individuals and ideas.Throughout the semester we do tennis socials, dinners, conferences, and more.You also do not have to be Seventh-Day Adventist to be a member of our group.

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Buddhism Club is a supportive community whose goal is to create a welcoming environment for all to learn and deepen their understanding of the teaching of the Buddha.It’s possible that your parents or family would force you to marry because they think it’s the best thing for you.This doesn't make things okay and you can get help to stop this from happening.Following this ceremony, a Sikh man will generally change his name to Singh and a woman to Kaur.The adoption of these names historically, was to symbolize the equality of all humanity.Your parents might even say that they'll disown you. If you can't talk to your parents, maybe you can think of another adult who you trust, like a family member, teacher or school nurse.It’s important to let someone know as quickly as possible so that you can be safe and get help.The panel explained that the possibility of something being a hate crime, regardless of whether or not it’s prosecuted that way, is always noted.This is so future incidents might have better evidence behind them that could enable victims receive justice.Under the Hindu caste system a person’s status or standing is determined by his surname.Singh, which means lion, traditionally indicated the warrior caste and so all Sikhs adopted this name to show the equality of all men.