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The referendum results show an opportunity for more education around LGBTQ issues and equity.

The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda now renews our call to urge the Government to show leadership on this issue.

The Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda is overwhelmed with joy at the conclusion of today’s historic ruling. OUTBermuda invites you to join the first ever ‘In Good Company’ community engagement event.

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I have left a long-term relationship behind and am ready to begin dating again.

Dear Dr Nekia, Last week you wrote that you dont know why men think women cannot have sex with no strings attached. Some of you say that you can, and it starts out that way, but you all get attached and want more at some point and we guys are left looking like the bad ones because we have to cut you off.

I dont know whether it is something in you-alls biology, psychology or chemical make-up, but you just cant do what guys can.

We have always maintained that a referendum is not the appropriate vehicle for this kind of human rights issue, and the failure to get enough of a voter turn-out proved this exercise to be a colossal waste of taxpayer funds.

While many countries have deemed marriage a heterosexual-only institution, over 76 of them also include anti-LGBTQ legislation that endangers the lives of LGBTQ people. Bermuda is a much smaller community than the 20 countries that have already changed legislation to provide marriage equality.