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On to the FAQ itself...--------------------------------------------------------ppo----------------------------------------------------------------First, let's address some general questions about the game and the franchise: What is this game all about? Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love is a hybrid visual novel/dating simulation/tactical RPG set in an alternate universe version of 1920s New York City, and the plot revolves around a classical Good vs. The game's story is delivered via a typical visual novel interface (think text boxes and character portraits that change according to the character's mood), interspersed with LIPS (Live Interactive Picture System) popups that allow you to choose how Taiga Shinjiro, the main character of the game, responds to a particular situation.Let's face it: old games rarely withstand retrospective criticism.

The market for visual novels outside of East Asia is small, though a number of anime based on visual novels are popular among anime fans in the Western world.

It’s probably not something you’d want to play in front of other people if you’re easily embarrassed, though.

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The game has a ridiculous plot about an all female musical theater troupe piloting steam powered robots to protect New York from Japanese historical demon figures.

The game's plot is hardly compelling and the villains are an afterthought to the game's main cast.