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Additional gains in strength come from adapting these exercises over time.

“We like to use small variations of our main lifts, such as box squats, band-assisted bench presses and trap-bar deadlifts,” reveals Dams.

All the players in the Harlequins gym, from hulking 17-stone forwards like Chris Robshaw and Joe Marler to athletic powerhouses like Danny Care and Mike Brown, share the same foundation to their strength-training routines – and it is surprisingly old-fashioned.

“We tend to be very traditional with our strength training,” explains the club’s Head of Human Performance John Dams, who oversees the players’ physical training.

“Made In Chelsea” star Stephanie Pratt is dating Team GB rugby player Ollie Lindsay-Hague, The Sun’s Bizarre column can reveal.

Band-assisted bench presses (which involve attaching resistance bands to the frame of the rack) lessen the weight of the bar at the base of the movement to help you break through a plateau.The pair parted ways eventually and are now both happily married elsewhere.Holly and Cian are no longer a match but this pairing was less about social standing and more about standing together. Like BOD and Glenda, they too have gone their separate ways and called it a day in 2014.“It’s still early days but Ollie is totally Stephanie’s type.“She hasn’t been that lucky in love since joining the show but she says things feel different this time.With 15 players starting a game, this makes for a staggering average player weight of 106.1kg, roughly the same as 133 Welsh Corgis.Just 1kg behind the Welsh team and in second place is the France XV.“Our general preparatory exercises are tried and tested and we don’t tend to vary them much.Squats, deadlifts and bench presses form a large part of our strength programme.” Although players also do Olympic lifts, plyometric drills, medicine ball work and sled drills, their primary focus is always on these three basic but powerful exercises.Sheena was a model with First Options and worked for Spin FM.The Trinity graduate currently works as the marketing manager for Leinster Rugby. D’arcy asked her out but Aoife was dating someone at the time.