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The common raven (Corvus corax), also known as the northern raven, is a large all-black passerine bird.Found across the Northern Hemisphere, it is the most widely distributed of all corvids. Recent genetic studies, which examined the DNA of common ravens from across the world, have determined that the birds fall into at least two clades: a California clade, found only in the southwestern United States, and a Holarctic clade, found across the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.Victim reported that unknown suspects forced open the front door of his residence and stole approximately 0 in US currency, an I-pad, and numerous prescriptions. 17025071 0052 hours Aggravated Battery (Cutting) 300 NW 10th Ave Officers responded to Bethesda and met with b/m Floyd Morgan dob 10/25/1988 who...Victim estimated the event took place between 08 hours. 17-027634 Overdose - Fatal 210 SE 4th Ave 1715hrs Officers responded to the report of a male in medical distress.Demo - Guru Guru Nagetto Download Demo (J) - playable but black screen on the top of the screen and on the bottom is fine Demo - Jump Super Stars Download Demo (J) - Demo - Meteos Download Demo (J) - playable but invisible on the bottom of the screen Demo - Metroid Prime Hunters - First Hunt (E) - black screen Demo - Ping Pals Wireless Multiboot Demo (U) - wireless is require to play Demo - Pokemon Torouze (J) - Demo - Zelda - Twilight Princess Preview Trailer (U) - Intro is fine but can't view on the top of the black screen Demo - Zelda Preview Trailer E3 Download Demo (U) - black screen Demo - Feel the Magic (Kiosk) (U) - but a few gfx errors Demo - Mario Kart DS (Kiosk) (U) - black screen Demo - Nintendogs (Kiosk) (E) - black screen Demo - Nintendogs (Kiosk) - black screen Demo - Nintendogs Relay Download (Kiosk) (J) - black screen Demo - PAC-PIX (Kiosk) (U) - black screen Demo - Project Rub (Kiosk) (E) - NDS ROMS compatibility list 0001 - Electroplankton (J) - flash flicker very badly but on the bottom showing INTERMISSION logo then thats it. Driller - Drill Spirits (J) - with a few gfx errors but full of japanese language that I do not understand 0037- Super Mario 64 DS (U) (v1.0) - playable if you figure out where to use touchscreen on the botton of the screen with badly scramble 0038 - Ping Pals (U) - Wiress is require or it wont be playable 0039 - Another Code - Futatsu no Kioku (J) - nice fmv cuts but after japanese text and it's freezing 0040 - Hanjuku Eiyuu DS - Egg Monster Heroes (J) - Until you reach HP engery bars appears then screen freezed 0041 - Need For Speed - Underground 2 (E) - After you select the car, you are ready to race but on the top of the screen you are not able to see where you are going 0042 - Nintendogs - Chihuahua & Friends (J) - black screen 0043 - Spider-Man 2 (U) - On the bottom said "Press Start/ Credits", that is it.0002 - Need For Speed - Underground 2 (U) - playable but on the top of the screen in the background is black and you cannot see your car running. (J) - Nintendo logo but on the bottom is in the japan language that I do not understand but thats it 0016 - Meteos (J) - but invisible on the bottom 0017 - Ridge Racer DS (U) - Nice intro and menu. 0044 - Tennis no Ouji-Sama 2005 - Crystal Drive (J) - Playable but gfx is missing such as characters and fence.cannot see what you are doing.

0075 - Nintendogs - Miniature Dachshund and Friends (J) - black screen 0076 - Star Wars Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith (U) - but a little bit slow **see the pictures above** 0082 - Rayman DS (E) - Loading then that's it 0083 - Osu! Ouendan (J) - Intro but wont do anything 0084 - Animaniacs - Lights, Camera, Action!

More Gordon Campbell: On The Demonising Of Iran Will New Zealand still be willing to pursue its recent trade overtures to Iran, now that US President Donald Trump has used his speech in Riyadh to single out Iran as the main source of terrorism and instability in the Middle East?

More Pre-Budget Offers: Green Party’s New Plan Puts Kiwi Families First The Green Party has a plan to help all Kiwi kids have a great start to life, by giving parents more financial support and more flexibility at work.

0003 - Yoshi Touch & Go (U) - showing Nintendo logo 0004 - Feel the Magic - XY-XX (U) - (some gfx errors when the screen go to the next screen but everything is perfectly.) 0008 - Pac-Pix (U) - black screen 0009 - Space Invaders DS (J) - playable but you cannot see anything on the top of the screen where you are 0010 - Cool 104 Joker & Setline (J) - but slow a little bit 0012 - Asphalt - Urban GT (U) - black screen 0013 - Yoshi Touch & Go (E) - flash then black screen 0014 - Pac-Pix (E) - black screen 0015 - Catch! After you register for your name, the message said "error unable to create" 0018 - Wario Ware - Touched! 0045 - The Urbz - Sims In The City (U) - black screen 0046 - Yakuman DS (J) - scramble screen 0047 - Rayman DS (U) - Intro and menu but very slow then Loading appears and that's it 0048 - Mr.

Driller - Drill Spirits (E) - , not one single error!