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Nukketeatteriarvio: inspiroivaa ilottelua / Par Frida Maria Pessi / TIP-Fest Mies tapaa naisen. Mies ja nainen rakastuvat, tottuvat toisiinsa, riitelevät ja eroavat. Ei kuulosta kovin monimutkaiselta, mutta Ranskalaisen Aïe Aïe Aïe -kollektiivin käsissä yksitoikkoisesta lemmenkierrostakin syntyy ilotulitus.

Ma biche et mon lapin (peurani ja jänikseni) on hurmaavan ranskalaista ja hersyvän hauskaa esineteatteria, joka yllättää oivalluksillaan.

Un vaudeville grinçant composé de petites histoires d'amour bucoliques, badines ou tragiques, tricotées à quatre mains par un duo mixte.Valoista, stereokaiuttimista ja koriste-esineistä syntyy maailma, jossa häiritään mökkinaapureiden rauhaa ja bailataan ikuisessa diskossa.Reiluun puoleen tuntiin mahtuu runsaasti käänteitä ja yllätyksiä.last week, we considered the benefits of daily sex. It has reinforced the notion that sex is a major factor in any marriage that will experience success.It has heightened my resolve to consider the subject of sex more than ever before, in order to save the marriage institution from the rampaging divorce floodgate.When in the ceremony video: In 24 Seconds: "Time is precisely the difference between now and then.Cosmologists assure us that it began in a Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. Recent discoveries show the expansion is accelerating. More than 20 genes are involved with such catchy names as "Period" and "Cryptochrome". Each year he offers this advice to the lecturers: "Gentlemen, keep it clean! (NOTE: in 2014 the role of V-Chip was very ably performed by Harvard Physics Professor Melissa Franklin.) In 24 Seconds: "The original Circadian Locomotor Output Cycles Kaput or CLOCK gene encodes a basic helix-loop-helix-PAS transcription factor called CLOCK that is one of a family of genes that control circadian rhythm in mammals.A short tabletop play set to music but with no dialogue, where couples get together and split up in a ballet of manipulated objects.Caustic vaudeville made up of short pastoral love stories, playful and tragic, knitted together by four hands in a mixed duo.