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The outbound process code is used to initiate a function module version 5 (function module version 3.0 for initiating inbound processing). For further information on settings for messages, see the IMG section "messages".a) Message controlling: Partner number : Customer number IV Partner type : KU Partner role : RE Application : V3 Message type : RD04 Message: Message category: INVOIC Message variant: FI Outbound options: Outbound code : SD08 INVOIC Intercompany billing,1.Line item review cannot be viewed with document split (viz. G L view shows how the document is depicted (after document split) in the General Ledger and it has no relevance to the sub ledger. In the entry view, you will see the business partner's account number.In the G L view, you will see the G L reconciliation account of the business partner ( not his account number ).In this IMG activity, you set up automatic posting to vendor account for intercompany billing with SAP-EDI direct to financial accounting.

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(process code INVL) I am getting an error "Enter Tax Jurisdiction Code" I maintained OBCD transaction with values maitained as below: Partn Type - Partn number - Tax Type - Tax Rate - Cnty - Tax code LI - VEND0001 - ZZ - 5 - US - O0 My E1EDP04 segment is : MWSKZ - ZZ MSATZ - 0.00 MWSBT - 0.00 TXJCD - NY000000 When i use any other tax code, I am getting this error in Application log.

Vendor: A vendor must be assigned per company code and customer for intercompany billing (transaction WEL1) Example: Data: Delivering company code: 0001 Customer: 0000000001, created in delivering company code Selling company codekreis: 0099 Vendor: ALECRED01, created om selling company code Settings: Application: V3 Logical address 00010000000001 is made up of: Target: Company code: 0099 Vendor : ALECRED01 Note The logical address must contain 14 digits.

If the customer number does not contain 10 digits, zeros must be put before it.

Requirements: Before making the settings in Customizing you must create a vendor master record that represents the delivering company code.

This vendor master record must be created in "Selling company code".