Process of reviewing and updating job descriptions


Regards, Asif Dear Demarco, You have raised the question, which means you have identified why Job descriptions need to be reviewed.

For example, if an employee files an ADA lawsuit, courts will review what the organization has identified as the job’s “essential functions” to see if the charges have merit.

Without a job description, the court may decide for itself which functions are essential.

Recent case: For most of the year, city worker Roger Duello drove a dump truck. When he had a seizure, his driving privileges were suspended, including his license to drive dump trucks. Instead of a general term like “,” say the person needs “the ability to communicate company policies to nonmanagerial groups in person and in writing.” Instead of saying the position “requires heavy lifting,” say it requires the ability to lift 25 pounds repeatedly overhead 10 times per hour while stacking inventory.

Duello took and requested one of two accommodations: either more leave or a transfer to a job with no driving. It reasoned that Duello couldn’t perform any of the essential functions listed in his job description without a license and, therefore, wasn’t qualified for his position. Begin with action verbs in the present tense, such as supervise, inspect, produce, organize, motivate, educate, administer, compose, analyze and repair.

“Since most companies are placing ads online, with unlimited text (available to write the job ad), you really get the opportunity to take the most important components of your job description and share a more complete listing of what the job duties really entail.” Job descriptions can also help answer questions about compensation, says Scanlon.your help is appreciated, demarco Dear demarco, there is no FIXED PROCEDURE to update JOB DESCRIPTION.You need to REVIEW the JOB DESCRIPTION and do the necessary CHANGES while reviewing. But in most workplaces job descriptions are underutilized – often seen as another to-do for the HR department, when in fact, well-written and updated job descriptions can be extremely beneficial to the manager and the company. Yes it does, says human resources consultant Kari Scanlon.A job description (JD) is a written statement of facts describing the scope, responsibilities and organizational relationships of a job.It is intended to provide a clear picture of the position’s role within the organization.Contact your Human Resources representative to receive a copy of the current organizational chart for your work unit. " is one of the most common job interview questions and can be difficult to answer.You can keep it time-bound , i.e at every fixed interval.Few parameters , as you have already identified, will include changing responsibilities, reporting structures, workflow and information flow, deliverables and measures to them.