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This fic is chiefly translation for the ending of the games with a few descriptions of the scenes and expression, and tone voiced by the characters so English fans may laugh their heads off as well. I feel….""Sempai…." He said to her softly as he goes really close to her."What is it? I said I don't hate you, but to tell you the truth….""Eh?

I briefly mentioned where I graduated from, what I do for a living, and that I only smoke the stickiest of the icky. Once your profile is set, you're pretty much ready to go. will pull whatever picture you have as your profile picture on Facebook and make it the main one for the app (so make sure it's good).Mai departe selectarea optiunii 3G Service iti va deschide penultimul pas de facut: Enable 3G.Selectarea acestuia iti va deschide un pop-up, de unde poti alege ce cartela sa primeasca semnalul 3G. , a new Android app from a Colorado-based startup of the same name.It's like Tinder, but for all the lonely stoners out there.From there, you can start connecting with fellow dank users (and leave your eye drops at home).Set in the Citadel during its reconstruction after the events of Mass Effect 1, the player takes the role of a new C-SEC recruit as they experience their first time in the melting pot of intergalactic culture.And what better way to get acquainted with the locals than to attend that speed dating event you saw advertised?Built for #Na No Reno2015, SDot C is a work in progress, which hopes to include a range of diverse character arcs and uncover the individual details that make each character special.Self promotion XD: Well, if anyone knows me I do Thrill pair fics called Achromatic Colors and Colors of Blood. I also did First Dawn, which is discontinued, stars Momoshiro in the Final Fantasy realm. yes the next chapter of AC and CB is underway)Summary: Semi-Translation of the hilariously corny dialogues from the dating sims of the Po T PS2 games; Gakuensai no Ooujisama, Dokidoki survival.