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The chatroom's admins have instructed users to make fake Facebook accounts that are “ideally young, cute girl, gay, Jew, basically anyone who isn’t supposed to be pro-[FN].” Users are then instructed to lock down these dummy accounts so no one can tell they’re fake.

emotions and **** about my life will probably end up dead. Next time I witness that she is going to regret it. .NOT date someone with a mental disorder unless you fully intend on researching their disorder and trying your best to understand and support them. and I try to obey all the rules of the religion but one that I don't do is I have tattoos but my mother is ok with it because they all have deep meanings but anyway I really want to get the Star of David also known as the Jewish star..... because it is 2 miles away and my family thinks girls should not walk alone... mind u he said this 45mjm ago it's so annoying cuz all I... when she's crying, she says nothing multiple times.

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Once they have their fake Facebook profiles, they're told to infiltrate the comment sections of large French Facebook pages and post pro-FN memes and jokes about François Fillon, France's current frontrunner for the presidency.

And they're doing something similar on Twitter, creating dozens of French-appearing sock puppet accounts.