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Answering that question is a journey in itself, and the journey begins with a concept I coined a while back — the Filipino’s tradition-religion complex.The tradition-religion complex represents a narrow framework in which a person finds moral clarity.

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If you don’t want to have sex…Hindi kita pipilitin. It turns out to be everything Alex hoped for and more.Niko bareback fucks Alex every which way, then blows his huge cum load inside Alex’s ass.In the 2001 Time sex survey 82 percent of males and 11 percent of females said they were the ones who initiated sex; 69 percent of males and 48 percent of females said they had had oral sex; and 55 percent of males and 68 percent of females said they thought they were sexy. There are also wide variations because of the sociocultural and linguistic mix.However, the dominant Catholic Church, the legislative body, and the educational system are essentially an amalgam of the old Hispanic dogma and the modern Western flavor with the present public sexual morality reflecting the values of these enduring institutions.Here are several that I believe nail down its scope…Maria Clara (modesty) Juan de la Cruz (humility) Santo Niño (naive righteousness) Ang Panday (masculine industry) Or perhaps we can defer to a seminal article written by none other than Jim Paredes himself back in 2007. , Paredes attempts to define the “Filipino archetype” on the following premise he describes: One of the things that intrigues me is this: Is it possible that, like individuals, countries, nations, races and peoples are also subject to archetypal influences and thus carry and act out the patterns attributable to certain archetypes at different times in their history?Doctors were able to reattach it but it was 20 percent shorter than it was before.A story about a Filipino man pregnant made headlines around the world in 1992 but was later revealed to be a hoax.In the case of the Filipino, it encompasses a small square that defines much of traditional Filipino thinking in the context of religious moral beacons (thus the term).Rather than go into a lengthy exploration of what is really just a tiny subset of humanity’s collective intellect, perhaps we can use some traditional Filipino cultural icons and artifacts to illustrate what defines the Filipino Tradition-Religion complex.