Pete wentz and ryan ross dating

Book her birthday, book Valentine's Day, book every fucking day you can."Hahahahaha.Notable: Morgan: The girl he wrote Take This To Your Grave about.she walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the land just like she'swalking on a wire in the circus.she parks her car outside of my house and takes her clothes off, says she'sclose to understanding jesus. round here we talk just like lions, but we sacrifice like the Disco recorded its first demos while its members were in high school.

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Also, there’s one entry from ‘05 that seems a bit fishy to me, but still, all speculative.9-27-05 PDT - (No Subject)whisper babe..i'm as good as it gets in this town.whisper babe..i'm a fever you can't sweat out.

I'm told this is a natural part of growing up, a "phase," if you will. From left: Spencer, Spencer's girlfriend Haley, Ryan's girlfriend Keltie, Ryan, poor sad lonely Brendon, Jon, Jon's girlfriend Cassie. Three important girlfriends in Ryan Ross's life (wherein important = public knowledge):1. Her and Ryan met when she worked as one of the dancers for the I Write Sins performance at the VMAs. And by dated I mean "didn't admit to dating." But, dated. In the Spin article, they were "canoodling." But Brendon said they were just friends.

Anyway, sometimes it's necessary to write the girlfriends into fic, so here's a primer so you know who's who. At The Disco, as my life is somewhat skewed towards Panic! Also, they have the most visible girlfriends, presently. Long-term high school girlfriend, who he used to LJ emo-ly about. First pic of Ryan and Keltie that the internets found. A lot of Keltie's information was initially available online because she has the world's most easily-Googled name and she works in the entertainment industry. People seem to dislike her (principally for reasons like this), but whatever, she makes Ryan happy. He allegedly has a girlfriend now, but until we get pics, who the fuck knows?

And we're only going to cover girls that you might see mentioned in fic, because if nobody really knows about them and they're just minding their business living in Chicago (or wherever), then let's leave them alone. Dates Haley, has been dating Haley since Truckstops and Statelines. She's from a small town in Illinois, and she's in her last year of high school.

Also, pardon the editorial commentary, but damn she's cute. They dated for about four years, and mostly kept out of the spotlight.