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The centerpiece of his research is the etymology or origin of the word "catholic." While we do commonly use it to mean "universal," Ong points out that the Latin or Roman Church (as distinct from the Orthodox or Eastern Church) had a word for universal in Latin -- (meaning "turn").The image it evokes is something like an architect's compass, which is used to make a circle around "one" central point. He has delivered keynote addresses and invited lectures at universities and in dioceses around the United States, Europe, and Canada. In addition to print publications, he is the instructor in an 18-part video lecture series titled, “The Saint and the Pope: What the Spirituality of Two Men Named Francis can Teach us about Christian Living,” produced by (2016).J., wrote an essay for magazine that responded to the perennial question for educators in Catholic institutions of higher education: How does such a school incorporate this nebulous concept "catholic identity" into its mission in a tangible way?Ong's contribution was to look at the meaning of the word catholic itself to get a better handle on the task at hand.In this talk, the most important objectives will be addressed and will therefore serve as a guide for instructors. With assistance of RISM CH and RISM UK, the group has recently started developing a dedicated Irish RISM website supported by the RISM CH database of printed materials and scores.

The following presentations by colleagues from various RISM working groups and RISM Zentralredaktion will be held at the IAML Conference in Dublin on Wednesday, July 27, from - and Thursday, July 28, from -. This group has undertaken an initial scoping exercise and identified a large number of repositories which did not have RISM sigla.

The report to be presented at the conference will discuss these developments and also outline details of two current RISM related projects: Triona O’Hanlon, "Mercer’s Hospital Part-Books and Music in Eighteenth Century Dublin" and Karol Mullaney-Dignam, "Music in the Irish Country House." RISM Tyrol-South Tyrol & OFM Austria: Current Summary and Visions for the Future Overview of recent work in Tyrol, South Tyrol and the Franciscan province of Austria: results of the latest research with the help of documenting sources for RISM, relevant for international music research; looking ahead to the coming years and determining which sources will be described next.

an immense wealth of musical sources housed by institutions in the Czech Republic has been the task of the Union Music Catalogue since 1965.

Below are the abstracts in advance: Using RISM for Reference Services and Instruction in Libraries RISM is an important research tool for librarians and library patrons. This matter has been addressed and sigla agreed with RISM Zentralredaktion in Frankfurt.

Librarians and prospective librarians should know or be familiarized with RISM’s projects, its strengths, and its limitations. The group has extended the remit for Ireland to cover nineteenth-century material due to the strong traditional heritage in the country from that era.