Naughty chat scripts

They say that Jessica Hahn is nobody's robot, alright! Now, being used and degraded in a hotel rom in Florida was not my decision! That was a nice little speech, we all have a tear in our eye, don't we? Now my next geust is making a second appearance on "Church Chat". [ Danny De Vito sits in front of the Church Lady ] Church Lady: Hello, Daniel.

I understand you have a brand new motion picture out.

Now that the game has been out for a few weeks, Side FX was able to have a chat with Neilan Naicker and Raymond Popka on what it was like to work on this big title.

December 15th 2002 v1.4 Finally got back into the swing of things with this script after taking a few days off with my new Walkthrough on Game FAQs (was already on IGN) to add some stuff to that. Just got the dialogue for 29 more sections to do but 19 already done so the script should be finished by next Sunday.

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Since the station has no start and just keeps on going round and round forever, I have decided to start with the first person you hear on K-Chat when you start a new game, which was Mr Zoo when I was playing but might be random.

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