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I fell in love with his smile and he is so cute in "Dream High 2" and "Marriage, Not Dating". I legit would want to marry him if it was possible. I hope he'll secure a leading role soon and be playing a diversed role this time. I was hooked with your acting prowess in Marriage Not Dating drama series. Please continue to bring us wonderful music together with your Hyungs.. AND I really really want him to make a good ending melodrama with IU You are really cute and I might love to meet you one day! Anyways, I hope you will one day make more movies but I loved you on Dream High 2! In fact, you kinda remind of my boyfriend and I wonder if you're like that in real life?

When he does cute or flirting scenes this heart of mine gets more critical. very talented (even in acting and dancing) and funny.. I really want to get to know him the more and see his true self !

I super love his cute and naughty roles in the other dramas but i'd love to see the different side of him:-D Watched him in Marriage not dating for the first time. The voice, acting skills, moves, body and personality are your key of success. You have given your role a justice- with right amount of emotions and gestures together- it was a thumbs-up! heey jinwoon am a big fan of you specially in the drama awsome korean drama (dream high2) and i think dream high2 is the best comparing with dream high 1 i have a big dream to visit south korea and be a famous singer there specially am a singer here in morroco i hope to have a chance to sing with you love you jin yoo jin 우와. : D it was sooooooo amazing, your skills in acting is really fantastic.

Was saying to myself why such a insignificant part for a guy that good looking. I hope he'll do a period drama soon like a naive prince that kind..then matured after much difficulties.... Who would thought friendly character is your true nature. Your acting is perfect your voice is beautiful, you are like handsome x's a million. You're not just cool in singing, but also in dancing and in acting.

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Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the Kairaouine Mosque, but nobody seems to object to tourists peering in through the gates.Traditional Mexican toys, some of which have been inherited from pre-Colombian cultures, continue to prevail and bravely stand up to videogames, with whom they coexist in relative harmony.The importance of traditional toys is made evident by the existence of various museums which display these tools of traditional child’s play.He has LOTS of very good photos, can somebody change this one here? Up to this day I can only swoon over how great he is at everything he does. Keep smiling, it is blessings to others- keep inspiring... I started following you since I fell in love with 2am and then I heard your solo rock songs and love u even more. I will always support you ^^ ㅎㅎ화이팅♥ Keep it up, I'm looking forward to much more shows wherein you will be part of it. I'M NOT GONNA WATCH DH2, but when I just out of curiosity wanted to know how they continued the story i fell in love with it...I started falling in love with Jinwoon since I can remember. I mean, where in this world can you find a guy who has a super cute smile, hot body, who can actually act, sing, dance, play more than one musical instrument, even play sports (in basketball he slays the most) and has funny antics. You're really such a talented guy and im so lucky to have met you and held hands with you. Take care and God bless ya~~ who said that his ugly..please check out your face 1st b4 u complaint the's handsome..acting good ,singing,and talented...i love 2pm ..i love 2am also... I hope the original DH1 cast will shop up as cameo to teach or something WOWWW !! NA's mucisvideo black & white i totally love him...The use of play is a natural method for learning how to coordinate movements and for practicing actions and routines.Later, in the adult phase, these skills will be essential for the development of the animal… Traces of toys have been found dating back to the beginning of time and from all cultures in every part of the planet.It is nearly as difficult to get a good view of the exterior, due to the crowding of surrounding houses and shops.The best possible view of the Kairaouine can be had from the roof of the Medersa el Attarin, which is only sometimes open to the public but you may be able to persuade the guardian to let you in.- I'm looking for a I have an attractive personality, that makes me loved by everyone.My family is the most important thing in my life, I grow up in a small community that makes us small family.