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At the time, the band consisted of just the two Frampton sisters, and the album's tracks were mostly acoustic songs.

Meg played guitar and provided back-up vocals while Dia sang.

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He just sucked so bad at relationships when he was younger. Sure, though I don’t know why I used to get this question so much. Alex had a little thing with Meg — as in, of Meg & Dia — and it was, say, in 2005? Just judging by the early versions of Remembering Sunday that Alex would play on stage, because he wrote it about her. The following questions have all been asked at least five times, hence the FAQ. Please note that I tag mostly everything I deem important. If a tag isn’t linked somewhere in this FAQ, just manually type /tagged/person-name or /tagged/band-name or /tagged/ship-name after the URL. With the departure of the additional four, Meg & Dia hastily reverted to their root name with additional members Nicholas Price, Jonathan Snyder (formerly of Madison) and Carlo Gimenez.Meg & Dia (also then known as The Meg & Dia Band) released its first album, Our Home is Gone, in 2005. They’re one of my favourite bands, along with Paramore, The Maine, Beach Weather, The 1975, Ariana Grande, and several others. I’m not going to put it here although some people who know me from my personal do occasionally call me by name in their asks, which I don’t mind at all! Alex’s rose tattoo is in remembrance of his brother with his initials, because since he’s buried in the UK, Alex can’t exactly visit his grave when he feels like it. The youngest older sibling was Tom, and he also has two older half-sisters called Jilian and Helen, I think. His dad, Peter, had these three kids from a previous marriage before he met Alex’s mother Isobel. Most recently, his rose tattoo on his hand dedicated to his brother as stated in the question above. Basically she kinda ripped his heart out and crumbled it into little pieces; he was pretty head-over-heels and she wasn’t feelin’ it. Have a look here, and here is the infamous ‘beanie rant.’Any other questions regarding Taylex? They had a family fight because of Tom’s alcohol problems, and Tom returned to England, and died of natural causes — I’m unsure if they related to the alcohol or not, but either way, it a suicide. Then the All Time Low skull-and-crossbones behind his ear, like all the other members and crew members too, I believe. Anyways, I always pictured him and Meg getting together over Warped Tour but ATL didn’t play their first Warped until 2007, so. Hey kids, over here What happened between Alex and Janelle Hanson? They’re friends, she lives/lived in LA, supposed fling over the summer of 2011? Yesterday I told my facebook/ twitter friends, that if they had any questions for me to answer, to post them up for me so that I could compile an interview made by YOU. I told her that "nobody would like me," and that "I wouldn't make any friends." My mom told me to wear red, because everyone loves and notices red and that she was sure if I wore that color, people would want to talk to me. In fact, that's an impossibility because that person was with me at soundcheck during that time. "______ is under arrest." I say, "Well, we are in a bus here that we have to pay for, and without playing the show we don't get paid. Dia: We've done Warped for 3 years, so no, I don't miss it.Here are some of the questions ya'll asked me, and here are my honest answers! Of course she was full of crap, but at the time, I was very young and believed her. Yes, I would do it again if the timing was right, although, I don't know if I would be able to do the whole thing. I think it would be fun to have Michael Cera in a video. Someone who can quote "The Princess Bride." Someone who doesn't smoke and drinks responsibly. And this, I guess, is a silly girl thing, but I get weak in the knees when a guy has a Spanish, Australian, or Irish accent. I feel like if you've got the perfect guy, you don't need a perfect date. The buildings, the houses...there is a bit of magic in it all. Find out what is special about yourself and keep that sacred. Touring is a lovely organic way to spread your tunes.That's something that we haven't really thought about at all though lately to be honest. I don't want to get all sweaty and then have no where to clean up before playing a show! I finished the Harry Potter series a while back though and thought those were good fun. I admire Modest Mouse for their uniqueness, and details to stories. Bon Iver, because he makes me sleepy and relaxed in a beautiful way. Write a song." Sometimes it's complete crap; Other times, I'm surprised what comes out of me, even when I'm feeling "uninspired." It's like...there's always an emotion waiting to get its chance to shine. My favorite hobby - Yoga, cooking, walking my dog at home (does that count? But when I saw that little girl with the big voice on the CD booklet, something really connected. It's hard to teach yourself to not get nervous or to relax. It's frustrating to hear that, but people ask that question more than one would imagine. In fact, most artists on a tour are usually under signed contract to NOT play a city in which a tour is going to in the same 2-3 months. Dia: Meg and I did a lot of Peter Pan things, from creating space ships out of cardboard boxes to try to fly to Never land, to writing our own Peter Pan plays and performing them in our back yard for the neighbors. I think a number of Peter Pan memories would go in my top childhood memories category. Don't eat or drink dairy 2 hours before you sing, and I personally try to avoid eating 2 hours before stage. Getting a book published is a big goal and big dream of mine! He mostly handles my business stuff...artistic side never crosses over with him much. :) I like to be hands on with things, but like to focus more on the music than the music business. I don't have an apartment now..a storage shed unit. We're just super focused on the new album right now, and on touring. On Blake Shelton tour dates, I try to exercise sometimes. all we get a knock on our door. I'm now reading "Kitchen Confidential," by Anthony Bourdain. Me sitting down with my guitar and my pen is giving it an outlet. It has been an amazing experience every single day. ), writing short stories, and kick boxing when I'm home and can take classes! I started singing "Blue," and "Cowboy Sweetheart" and told my dad that I was going to be the next Leann Rimes. Your body does what it wants to do, regardless of you telling it to calm down! Don't let the fear keep you away from doing what you want to though. That'd be like me asking a fresh on the market, new screen play writer, "Why didn't you get Natalie Portman to star in your film? Plus, when you see all the time, production, people, money, and stage set up that goes into the Blake tour, you won't think it's so expensive after all. :) Dia: Sleep with the air conditioning off if you can. Dia: would have asked me that question a few years ago, I would have said silly girl things, like pretty eyes or muscular..wears boxer briefs.

Meg frampton and nick dating