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e Marry is a website designed to make finding your spouse easy and enjoyable. So, you can be sure that all members have full intentions of a long-term commitment with their future spouse.

Ladies, simply start by uploading your free profile. you may also want to just browse the site and contact one of our lovely ladies. We are 100% American owned and operated and are subject to all laws and protections under the USA legal system.

I asked founder, Candy Tolentino what inspired her to take on the role hyper-turbo online matchmaker: There wasn’t a website that catered specifically to people looking for serious relationships and marriage where you could choose your own matches, avoid people looking for one-night stands, and avoid exorbitant monthly charges. I have a friend who pays /month for online dating and she can’t even choose her matches.

She’s tall, and has 5′ 10″ as a minimum height for a man, so imagine how irritated she is when receives guys that are 5′ 7″ in her list of matches!

She was expecting him to "put a ring on it" in paradise and now Jake's perfect proposal is ruined.

Not wanting to spend the next 60 years talking about that mess of a proposal, Jake and Annie decide to hold off on the engagement until they can do it right.

My husband later told me he had refined his search because he.When we would cautiously recommend that our friends try using popular dating services, they would come back telling us about their difficulty in finding people who were equally serious about their faith or about pursuing marriages for God’s glory.We decided -- even though there were 1,500 dating sites already on the Internet, and even though many of them had multi-million dollar marketing budgets – that there had to be room for at least one dating site, that 1) was absolutely committed to honoring God and marriage above everything else, 2) was willing to give away coaching advice even if it meant people would use it to meet and marry people without using our online community, 3) was willing to stay around and offer support for people who connected through our site, but then had questions about how to best move forward and 4) was welcoming to mentors and parents who wanted to join the community in a supporting role.Sure, we could tell you about the sheer numbers of members here,.Get my free guide The 7 Mistakes When Dating to Marry .Best-selling author of more than a dozen books, Kurt spent 20 years with Focus on the Family where he was Vice President over media.Olivia is a former school teacher who now speaks to moms about the hectic joys of parenthood. Our statistic system tells that marrymealready is visited by approximately 6230 visitors mountly, 208 daily and at least 1 visitors are always online. Top 3 keywords witch people used in SE to find marrymealready are, find a husband, candy tolentino. Join if you are looking for a long-term serious relationship and marriage!Once your profile has been created, you will be visible to gentlemen looking for a future bride. We offer a one-of-a-kind system where you can safely browse and post your information. (Free for Ladies) Or, click here to create a 30 Free Trial account! Finally, we are focused on preventing scams and will alert members when scams may be evident. You can either login or set up your temporary user id while you browse.