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In reviewing your works it is apparent that your creative energy knows no boundary.Your courageous experimentation with a variety of techniques and styles is a testament to your devotion to the arts. It's a statement about who we are as human beings, it's a look into our own subconscious mind, a direct expression of our souls.Installation sites include the cities of Aurora and Loveland, CO, and Cerritos, CA; Eastern Illinois University; Potawatomi Museum, Oklahoma; Wolf Creek Indian Village and Museum, VA; IBM Corporation; W. Kellogg Foundation and the Danny Thomas Collection, Nashville, TN. Directions This bronze bust was sculpted by Barney Bright of Louisville.Bright is arguably the single most influential Louisville artist of the second half of the 20th century; a sculptor of such great facility and grace that his bronze statues seem often to belong more in the wind than anchored in terra firma.

Denny Haskew’s monumental stone sculptures are featured in museums, private and corporate collections across the country.This life-size bronze sculpture depicting a young Native American woman expressing the ideology of concerns for the environment was created by Colorado sculptor Denny Haskew.Haskew has other works of public art in Owensboro, including "Love Song," a bronze and stone sculpture purchased in 2005 from the art museum's Riverbend Sculpture Biennial by Wax Works, Inc., and installed on East Second Street.On one hand, works such as Writing Is An Aid To Memory (1978) and The Cell (1992) are quite linguistically and poetically complex.On the other, My Life, and some of her other work, presumes a broad-ranging understandability.Her work has also been featured in several important publications.Ione maintains an extensive exhibition schedule in juried, non-juried, and invitational arts venues.From the naive free-spirited play of her first book, the g RReat adventure (1973),2 to the hopeful and only vaguely political passages in her collaborative work in Leningrad (1991), she often writes with a simplicity people don't generally call to mind when they think of "postmodern poetry." As evidence from My Life suggests, Hejinian operates in this mode--writing for understanding--quite consciously. When we first moved in, the neighbors on the left complained about the saxophone, but eventually, as we became familiar, they began to feel well disposed towards us, friendly, until the noise was what they liked most about us, since it proved them tolerant and generous. (90) The consistent self-presentation begins at the structural level of My Life.Consider an excerpt from her essay "If Written is Writing" (published in 1978, the year she wrote the first edition of My Life): The text is anterior to the composition, though the composition be interior to the text. Marvelous are the dimensions and therefore marvelling is understandable -- and often understanding. in The Language Book 29) A sense of definition (different from that of description, which is a kind of storytelling or recounting, numerical, a list of colors) develops as one's sense of possibility, of the range of what one might do or experience, closes with the years. Joseph Conte identifies two distinctive postmodern poetic forms, the serial and the procedural (3, 13-44).Daviess County has many fine pieces of public art scattered throughout the City of Owensboro and outer regions.Please peruse the list below and use the interactive map to get directions to something that catches your eye!