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Other London locations that make you want to find someone who loves you imminently include: London Underground escalators, Gordon's wine bar, Hampstead Heath.8. All you really want is someone who'll hold your hand as you barge past tourists on Oxford Street.9. Despite the city housing eight and a half million people, you can guarantee the one person you'll bump into when you're hungover and trying to keep your Mc Donald's breakfast down on the tube is that guy you slept with last week.

Or someone who won't think you're the worst person in the world when you shout at the moron standing on the left of the escalators.

That’s a healthy slice of prime relationship material right there. You’ll happily settle for the horse, because the pool of potential playmates is much smaller.

So the bus has proposed this time-saving alternative and making the stressful morning commute "romantic and relaxing".It’s also safe to guess that you want to hook up with someone who is A) Over the age of consent and B) Born somewhere within a decade of you.According to the 2011 census exactly 25% of inner London’s population is between 25 and 34 years old.With Valentine's Day just gone, it's easy for single Londoners to question their love life - and whether they're in the right, or wrong, city for romance. No need to even use that pope joke to illustrate the point. There are over 8 million people living in London and more than 15 million if you include the wider metropolitan expanse.In this week's Big Debate, Joe and Charlotte argue it out: is it hard to find love in London? Let’s assume that you only have a proclivity for one gender, which means you can instantly cut the eligible group of suitors in half.When choosing the right dating site for you, the first thing to do is to assess your priorities, as dating site satisfaction comes in large part from finding the platform best suited to your needs.If your particular needs include the desire to find a partner who is serious about long-term love, a partner whose personality and future plans are harmonious with yours, then the right site for you is Elite Singles. Once you've decided to go from first message to first meeting, you'll soon be reminded that London is a city full of great date ideas.Happily, as many singles in London are discovering, there is a place where it's easier to look for love: online.If you're serious about finding a lasting relationship with a loving, mutually supportive partner, the appeal of online dating is obvious.Extra tickets for #Bar Ice have been released so hurry and book! You know where to hang out depending on your type.20. A date who presses the 'open' button on the tube doors? You worry you'll never find anyone on your wavelength, like someone who also laughs whenever the woman on the Picadilly line tells you this train is headed for Cockfosters.26. #London #Christmas A post shared by Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (@winterwonderldn) on 7. Money-grabbers flock to Canary Wharf, those with a penchant for the hipster are all over Dalston like the beard rash they'll have tomorrow morning, and gay people go to Soho. Sorry, it's been nice, but we won't be doing this again.22. And it baffles you that in a city housing eight and a half million people, it's so damn hard to find someone who doesn't have an imaginary friend/psycho ex girlfriend/secret fetish for feet. But tbh, the only reason you even want a boyfriend in the first place is so you can move in together and rent will be cheaper.