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The final celebration event took place at Swinton Moorside Cricket Club in November 2012.

In attendance were pupils from the local schools who took part in the project who received certificates from former star of Swinton’s great sides of the sixties Bob Fleet.

"The good news was she came out of Philadelphia much better than I ever hoped," said former Mayor and Gov. And in the only southeastern county where Republicans still hold a registration edge, Clinton managed a whopping 24,606-vote win in affluent Chester County. But even with those successes, there was weakness across the state that cracked Clinton's fire wall - and with it expectations that she would win Pennsylvania and the presidency. Balaban, a Democratic media strategist who worked on the successful campaign of Pennsylvania's Democratic treasurer-elect Joe Torsella. Robert Brady, also the longtime chief of Philadelphia's Democratic Party, said the city "did its part" by delivering all those votes for Clinton.

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This time, counties far from the much-ballyhooed Philadelphia region delivered Trump enough votes to outgun Clinton's commanding support in the southeast, and lift him to a stunning victory.

Intense passions for him and antipathy toward her prevailed in Pennsylvania's rural and rust belt communities, observers and analysts said.

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The schools involved who we’d like to thank are St.

Ambrose Barlow, Chatsworth, Swinton High School, Irlam and Cadishead plus students from University of Salford.