Loosing bookmarks when updating firefox

Instructions to do that can be found in this support article.

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There should be a basic default and elsewhere in the profile there should be your She never uses them, and soon enough, virus takes down her computer. - 4 years of account data on a hard drive, no backups. - Source codes of a program, backups exist, but they are located on the very same hard drive. - Person takes backups on a cd every week for two years.For Windows XP: Go to the Help menu and select About Firefox.) That’s it!From now on, when Firefox has a new feature, or a security update, you don’t have to do a thing.Also, go to Windows "Run" command on the start menu and type in -p, that will bring up the profile manager and unless you have created another profile there should only be one name "default" ...there is more than one and you don't remember creating one then you need to point to the default profile and open firefox and see if that brings back your bookmarks. Data is customer records, impossible to recover if lost.Let us know what happens when you try the above by reporting back. Data disappears, not even I was able to tell how it disappeared, even I examined the computer personally. In the past, you would have to take an action — either download the new version of select “Update” from your Firefox menu to initiate an update.There were lots of people that gave us feedback on that method. But we always appreciate what our Firefox fans have to say, and here’s a great new tip for you.I am tired of using the add-on "NEW CUSTOM TAB" or others just so that this add-on will work?When i select the page i want it to go to open new empty tab with this URL "about:viewmarks? Why has there been no updates to this fantastic add-on.. Wondering if im the only one having this since i updated to Firefox 44 an when i try to Export the Database... BTW MICHAEL ANY CHANCE OF UPDATING THIS AMAZING ADDON TO A MORE CURRENT WORKING VERSION your reply to his forum would be appreciated....it seems as if its creating the but then when i go to the directory in windows where i saved the file there is nothing there? by user2002 on December 19, 2015 · permalink hi all,does anyone know how to get this add-on working with Firefox v43.0.1 without any other add-on?