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The score is minimalist but very effective, in contrast to the modern British films which seem to be conceived as a gravy train for music publishers and second rate "indie" bands. Jack Carter, the central character, is not at all pleasant or heroic.

The only people for whom he shows any affection are Frank and Doreen, and he is unable to express this affection except through money and violence.

Beachland Ballroom: 15711 Waterloo Road, Cleveland, presents Southern Culture on the Skids, Wooly Bushmen, May 12; Overcoats, Yorke Lore, May 12; Dead Ahead (Ohio), Powerful Pills, May 13; Part Time Lover, Glasstraps, John’s Little Sister, May 13; The Growlers (sold out), May 14; Mac Demarco, Tonstartssbandht, (sold out) May 15; Samantha Fish, thirteen Cadillacs, May 15; Charly Bliss, See Through Dresses, Heavenly Creatures, May 15; The Family Crest, Trevor Sensor, May 16; Gaelynn Lae, Gretchen Pleuss, May 17; Mipso, May 18; Tim Moon, New Moon Rising, Ray Flanagan, The Chestertons, Jason Patrick Myers, May 19; Johnny Fay and The Bel-Aires, David Loy and The Ramrods, May 19; Treespeak, The Clock Reads, May 21; The Wind The Wave, Justin Kawika Young, The Native Sibling, May 22; Sowflo, Daddy Longlegs Homegrown Revival, May 23; The Delta Bombers, The Velvematics, May 23; Suicide Girls, May 24; Brand New Hat, Bill Lestock, May 24; Murder City Devils, Corey J.

This updated definition of rape was meant to come from the perspective of the victim.

The act of rape was asserted to be a way in which societal gender roles, the way someone acts out either masculinity or femininity, were enforced and the hierarchy of power placing males above females was maintained.

It also seeks to promote changes to rape laws or laws of evidence which enable rapists from suffering any penalties because, for example victims being discouraged from reporting assaults against them, for example, because the rapist is entitled to some immunity or because a rapist (as a defendant) is capable in law of denigrating the victim.

The movement has been successful in many jurisdictions in these objectives, though many of these attitudes still persist in some parts of society, and despite changes to laws and significant increases in reporting of such assaults, in practice violence against women still persists at unacceptable high levels.