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In certain cases defendants were found guilty of "sodomy" (which according to Israeli law includes oral sex as well), apparently by way of plea bargains: those defendants had been indicted for more serious sexual offences.

It was also used as "aggravating circumstances" for other sexual offences.

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Leading radio stations and newspapers from Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. This website contains secually explicit depictions of adult males engaged in sexual activity with other adult males.Please leave now if you are not at least 18 year of age, if you don't have the legal right to possess adult materials in the community in which you live or if you are are offended by such material.Although same-sex marriages are not performed in the country, Israel recognizes same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, making it the first country in Asia to do so.Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation was prohibited in 1992.Tel Aviv has frequently been referred to by publishers as one of the most gay friendly cities in the world, The State of Israel inherited the Buggery Act of 1533 as part of the British Mandate's legal code.There is no known record that it was ever enforced against homosexual acts that took place between consenting adults in private. is a directory index guide to israel, links to israeli search engines, reviews on israeli movies, israeli television listing, Pais Loto and Toto (sportoto) .Israel became the first in Asia to recognize unregistered cohabitation between same-sex couples, making it the first country in Asia to recognize any same-sex union.Same-sex couples are allowed to jointly adopt after a court decision in 2008, while previously allowing stepchild adoptions and limited co-guardianship rights for non-biological parents.Gays and lesbians are also allowed to serve openly in the military.