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I am not sure how you can tell anyone about a place you only visit once a year. I can just imagine how accurate THOSE interviews would be. An incredible amount of this stuff is simply nonsense. Therefore, I decided to build this web site to clarify just exactly what is The Real Costa Rica.

In fact, I just heard recently that someone is now selling a DVD with maybe ten interviews with people living here and just loving it.

Our Jungle Spring Resort Our Costa Rica Vacation is varied from all inclusive to just companions.

Our VIP all inclusive guests enjoy a hotel, jungle lodge, a luxury beach or one of our private pool villas with satellite TV, a well stocked bar, staff including a personal cook, maid and guide.

Waterfall rappelling is one of Costa Rica’s ultimate adventure sports.

Using a variety of techniques developed for a sport known as canyoneering, you'll hike ...

Costa Rica, a country with no standing army, politically stable in Central America, boasts 5% of the world’s species in its cloud, rain, and dry forests along its 800 miles of coastline marked with two weather changes - dry season (Nov.Here you will find the accurate answers to hundreds of questions about Costa Rica.The nice thing is that there are even answers to the questions you did not know to ask!All of this and more can be seen on dolphin and whale watching excursions into Costa Rica's ocean habitats – some of the most biologically diverse marine habitats in the world.Explore pristine gorges and canyons embedded in the Costa Rican rainforest as you hike, down climb, swim, jump, rappel and zipline your way through an adventure of a lifetime.- Apr.) and wet season (May - Nov.) and temperatures averaging in the 70 degrees.Hike in cloud and rain forests, pristine golden brown beaches and active volcano's is provided for stays of 8 or more days and groups of three or more persons.We do not require your exact dates when paying a deposit or when becoming a member.It contains articles, statistics, photographs, movie clips, tables and charts, and above all, correct information about Costa Rica.Many hundreds of hours have gone into developing this web site, and I (modestly) believe you will find no other complete source for 100% accurate information on Costa Rica.