Listbox not updating when datasource changes wpf

Foo Bars aren't WPF objects, just dumb class with an overwritten To String() function.

Now, when I change a property which influences the To String, I'd like to get the List Box to update.

I have a WPF List Box, and I've added some 'Foo Bar' objects as items (by code).

Similar to @Blam, I suspect that the Has Information implementation in the IItem interface does not implement INotify Property Changed.

Just because you use an Observable Collection does not mean that when a property in a contained item changes that the List Box or other elements will get notified.

NET frameworks to see if I can replicate my old issue :), Thanks for the heads up, I will remove from my answer so it does not cause confusion.

This helps a little but doesn't give me what I want: with Display Member Path="Name" it works fine but shows only Name in my list (and updates correctly after changes). Display Member Path = "Display";´ where ´Display´ is property of ´Person´ and retuns ´Name " " Surname´ it doesn't work again(); items.