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In particular, the impact of current environmental change on the nature of Earth Surface Processes is hardly predictable.

This post is co-authored by Hella and Aleksi both Ph D students at Ui B.* Glacier and climate history of southern South America, New Zealand, Antarctica, and eastern North America.earth’s surface and Earth Surface Processes (ESP) are cornerstones defining fundamental boundaries for civilization.The measured ratio, which is a mixture of natural and spike ratio, lies between the two values; in this example, it is 45.9.The value of the measured ratio depends on the natural Cl concentration in the sample: the higher the natural Cl in the sample (i.e.We also constructed a new graphitization line that can graphitize two samples simultaneously, reducing the time between sample extraction and measurement via AMS.The Argon Geochronology for the Earth Sciences (AGES) lab is located at Columbia's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory along the Palisades Parkway in Rockland County, New York.Many of these processes occur so rapidly and unexpectedly that they have daunting consequences.We are poorly equipped to predict their nature and possible impacts due to the lack of scientific understanding.Our research interests cover a wide spectrum of earth scientific disciplines and include timing of ice ages, subglacial erosion rates, uplift rates of Pleistocene terraces, and a better understanding of the production systematics of cosmogenic nuclides. Many of these processes occur so rapidly and unexpectedly that they have daunting consequences.