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Competition for the “holy grail” of a grammar school education is more intense than ever before, fuelled by the recession and the fear of embarking on private education when redundancy could be round the corner.

Increasingly desperate parents are entering their children for multiple entrance tests in the hope of gaining admission to one of the 164, mostly vastly oversubscribed, selective schools in England.

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Gareth: I told him once that I don't like jelly.

“If the local schools application form had not limited me to three choices, we would have looked at others around the country,” says Mr Ganapathy, an IT manager who will transfer or get a new job if the family have to move to Birmingham.

This is so crucial to us that if he gets in we will up sticks and relocate.

Mrs Qi rushed outside and found her daughter, who she called Qi-Qi, was neither conscious nor breathing.'I made sure William had his seatbelt on and then I reversed and felt a strange bump,' she told the inquest.'I realised Qi-Qi was not in the car.

I realised she was not there.'Sometimes she climbed in herself - she sits in the rear passenger seat on the left.'I turned the engine off and went to the back of the car and she was lying on the floor next to the rear passenger side wheel.