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Was your mind open to each potential candidate’s good qualities, or did you run for the hills at the first sign of trouble (scuffed shoes, a nervous smile, spinach in their teeth, etc.)?

Honor that genuine connection, let yourself get to know the other person, and see what happens.

The stars definitely have history between them too.After arranging to meet with the officer, the man was arrested upon arrival.Numerous human rights organizations have harshly criticized the recent clampdown, which among other things, has led to the arrest of more than 150 Egyptians suspected of being homosexual since President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi took office.Kendall Jenner has reportedly walked away from a romance with One Direction star Harry Styles, because of all the drama that surrounds him.The pair were spotted out own numerous occasions this month and it looked very much like she was one of the first people he called when he wrapped filming on his new movie Dunkirk.For women, don’t overdo the hair, make-up, nails and dress.So keep the date to a simple dinner, even picnic or bike ride.Insiders told US Weekly that this new closeness won’t last either and that Kendall has already decided to step away from the British hunk.She’s apparently called a time out on their romance because of the ‘drama’ that surrounds him.I know kids don't think it's cool to hang out with the parents, but maybe he could come over for dinner and board games so that you could get to know him.You don’t know if your date will have a reaction to your favorite perfume or cologne, so don’t over do it.