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In the JSON request body, include invoice details including merchant information. The QR code is a PNG image in Base64-encoded format that corresponds to the invoice ID.You can generate a QR code for an invoice and add it to a paper or PDF invoice.The Billing page includes optional information about the billing contact, including name, credit card email addresses, phone, billing address, postal code that New Relic uses to apply taxes, and purchase order number.Use the Invoicing API to create draft invoices, send invoices, and manage invoices. When you send an invoice, the invoice moves from draft to payable state and Pay Pal emails a link to the invoice on the Pay Pal website to the customer.New Relic sends invoices and receipts to the Billing contact identified in the New Relic user interface.From the Billing page, you can request invoices for credit card payments, view invoices and receipts, and change billing contact information.

Your Recurly emails can be customized with the account_hosted_maintenance_url parameter.

This IPP invoice status reflects the invoice status in the agency Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Note: This only applies to electronic invoices your organization has submitted via the IPP Collector.

Customers with a Pay Pal account can log in and pay with Pay Pal.

Alternatively, customers can pay with a check, debit card, or credit card. resource to create, update, and send invoices and invoice reminders.