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“There is a fine line between sounding self-congratulatory versus confident, and humble versus timid,” Taylor says.

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The New York Times' Adam Bryant recently interviewed Brad Jefferson, CEO of Animoto, a video slide show service, about leadership, management, and hiring.You see, you have to recognize interviewing for what it is -- a game.It is a game in which the most prepared applicant will win.Only if he bears up under their scrutiny will Staley be free to become CEO of Barclays. Separately, Business Insider has discovered what it was that Goldman Sachs’ analysts were doing when they were fired for cheating.They were reportedly Googling the terms from exam questions using the very same computers that Goldman Sachs gave them to take the exams.This is your opportunity to describe how your best attributes are a great match for the job as you see it.” Why do they ask this?They’re basically asking: “Are you applying for other jobs?In the circumstances, Jes Staley may be feeling a bit apprehensive.Bloomberg reports that Staley is due to have an interview with the Panthers next Tuesday.” “The hiring manager is first trying to figure out how active you are in your job search,” Nicolai says.When CEOs ask tricky interview questions they're usually not trying to intimidate you.