Hoda kotb dating burzis kanga

She recently revealed her boyfriend's name and shared a photo of the couple during the third hour of the Today show on Tuesday, Jan 20.Caption: Hoda Kotb shared this pic on The Today Show It has been reported that Kotb has finally adopted her first child and she seems quite excited to share the news with the world.On January 15, 2013, she released her second book Ten Years Later: Six People Who Faced Adversity and Transformed Their Lives, in which she chronicles six stories by identifying a life-changing event in each subject's life and then revisiting each of those six people a decade later.She has also appeared in Martina Mc Bride's music video for I'm Gonna Love You Through It.

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Hoda's lover Jay Blumenkopf, dumped her after six months because he just couldn’t see himself getting married to her.Her struggle through cancer's period was documented on the Today Show and was also shown on television following the successful treatment.Caption: Hoda Kotb has featured in breast cancer awareness video.Though she has always been very open about her affairs, the reason she split up with her ex-husband has never be revealed by her.Caption: Hoda Kotb and her ex-husband Burzis Kanga After having the divorce, She underwent reconstructive surgery for the damage done by mastectomy in March 2007.Kotb talked openly about her relationship but never disclosed the man’s name until their relationship was a year old.Hoda was aware of keeping her relationship a secret.Hoda Kotb, the co-host of NBC's Today Show's fourth hour with Kathie Lee Gifford, is in the relationship again, having divorced earlier. She married Burzis Kanga, former tennis coach for the University of New Orleans in 2005.You must be wondering about the partners of this lady. Sadly, they split up two years later during the time Hoda was diagnosed with breast cancer. They signed their divorce papers on valentine's Day itself. PHOTOS: Celebrity couples — then and now The site let the cat out of the bag by posting photos of Kotb and her boyfriend, Manhattan financier Joel Schiffman, frolicking on the beach in Miami.The sweet pics, however, were actually shot back in 2013.