His size was intimidating

Because of the news-halting lockout, compiling lists has become commonplace this summer with the NFL Network's Top 100 players in the game today being the most discussed list.Let's take a glance at the top 40 intimidating players in NFL history. Comes firing downhill with purpose when it is time to get help against the run. Flagged for four pass interferences, a late hit and a personal foul this year. Seemed to be too big and lacking in foot quickness needed to play cornerback.There was Jim Heckman, Levinsohn’s top dealmaker, who’d spent months negotiating a huge deal with Microsoft.There was Shashi Seth, Yahoo’s top product management executive, already planning a long-needed update to Yahoo Mail and the Yahoo home page.His reluctance to respect the tap is another factor that contributes to his reputation as a scary and an unpredictable opponent.Rottweiler’s were originally bred as German working dogs who were used to help farmers drive cattle.

He’d even joined a sales call to express support for Levinsohn to Yahoo advertisers — an oddly hands-on move for a chairman.

There was chief financial officer Tim Morse, who’d just completed a critical, company-saving deal to sell a portion of Yahoo subsidiary Alibaba. veteran whom Levinsohn had hired to run Yahoo’s media business.

And there was Mollie Spillman, whom he’d just made CMO.

He's very raw, but the upside is tremendous." -- Daniel Jeremiah Davis speaks English, French, Chinese ... At least that's what opposing ball carriers feel as he flies into them with reckless abandon. Looks to lay the wood to receivers and make them feel it. Charged with ten touchdowns allowed over last two seasons.

Big, broad frame with absolutely shredded physique. Bounced back from awful Bowling Green game to make numerous plays against South Florida the next week. Miscast this season as an outside cornerback, Davis battled through adversity and bounced back with ball production, tackles and forced fumbles.